10 Major Problems Of Investing In Cryptocurrency

Don’t consider Bitcoin or other virtual currencies like Litecoin your only option.Here are the five major problems you should keep in mind before investing in cryptocurrencies.

Virtual currency is seen as the future of money due to the advantages it can provide. One major advantage that it has over traditional financial systems is that it doesn’t suffer from transfer fees or exchange rate fees.

Countries with unstable currencies would love to have a secure, reliable virtual currency that is more stable than their country’s currency.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has been enormously popular just recently, claiming the top position in market cap across many other currencies. It is also able to hold its own in terms of value through innovation and technology sometimes even mimicking traditional currency.

Blockchain is a technology that has grown in popularity mainly due to its taxation benefits. It’s not run by a single central authority, which means it can handle transactions without having to rely on financial institutions like banks.

Bitcoin and blockchain are very important! They are being seen as revolutionary in the financial services industry. Though they might not be, they’ll still change things much like they have done in the past.

We saw the value of Bitcoin in 2018 go down by more than 80% in a month, which made me wonder: is cryptocurrency actually an investment or is it speculation? To answer that question, we have to look at the problems with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Problems: Avoid Or Invest?

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the way we transact business, and it’s only a matter of time before people start fully embracing this. Bitcoin is fairly new, but still deserves more attention and investment. Everyone should see why this technology is something worth investing in.

1.Cryptocurrencies Are Not Tied To Fundamentals


When you invest in something, you want to know the hard numbers. Not only that, this also provides you with a better understanding of the asset’s current value.Journalists also try to find information on companies they will be evaluating to make sure that they are following the right path. They may use balance sheets, earnings,

management reporting and more to determine how profitable a company has been in the past and what any upcoming changes might be.

Cryptocurrencies are even harder to compare with traditional stocks. This can make it difficult to find a value in an asset that we do not have access to, but the underlying cost of investing in cryptocurrencies requires some sort of value base.

There are many companies and individuals actively looking to find value in cryptocurrencies, as they have no fundamentals and thus no real value. People buy a coin like Bitcoin hoping that it will increase in popularity, which means that the currency can sold for more later in the future.

Warren Buffett’s opinion on cryptocurrency was made clear in a CNBC interview. He says: “cryptocurrencies are basically nothing more than just speculative products.” He
says they can’t be used to buy anything, and they’re very risky because they’re just trading them for other types of tokens or stocks.

2.Cryptocurrencies Are Very Volatile

This is because most cryptocurrency investing happens on decentralized exchanges. There isn’t really a big investor like pension funds in the market. This means there can be quite a bit of volatility.

Cryptocurrency is not only a volatile market, but it can also be highly unpredictable. Even the most experienced traders and investors still have to monitor how prices change, and to be on the lookout for potential opportunities.

You can see the graph of annualized volatility for the cryptocurrency vs. global equities graphs. It’s easy to see that cryptocurrencies have a greater level of volatility than other major assets like gold or stocks in a portfolio.

The cause of this volatility could be the lack of fundamental value of the coin, as discussed in point 1. There is also a high level of FOMO (fear of missing out) amongst traders, which can make it difficult to suppress.

Cryptocurrency volatility is more common than stock volatility. It’s a one in four chance that your investments randomly fluctuate, compared to the one in twenty likelihood of experiencing a stock market fluctuation. Be prepare for all fluctuations whenever you choose to invest in cryptocurrency.

3.Cryptocurrencies Are Still Unregulated

Cryptocurrencies have a lot of traction, but wider adoption is still hard due to regulations. Even in those countries that accept certain cryptocurrencies, many traders and investors

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated, which leaves little for the authorities to do if fraud occurs. Even so, this has happened before and there is currently no way to recover lost investments.

The issue is that it is very difficult to trace where your money goes and who currently has it. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be very anonymous, perhaps too anonymous.

4.Cryptocurrencies Are Too Anonymous

You want to maintain your anonymity, and the blockchain is key in this. If you have someone’s public key, you can see what they’ve been up to on the blockchain and even how much they’ve invested in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin can be very difficult to track because they are not issued by just one government or organization. The person behind a public key that you are seeing may not even be who they say they are, indicating the possibility of fraud.

Cryptocurrency trading has many implications like criminal activities, tax evasion, money laundering. These consequences could make it risky to use because the system is made too easy.  

5.Cryptocurrencies Are Not Environmentally Sustainable

Mining cryptocurrency is a way to get in on the action. When you mine cryptocurrency, your computer becomes involved in making new coins. Whoever makes the block first gets the reward. It sounds easy, but it’s actually quite difficult and highly competitive.

Bitcoin needs a lot of computing power to make their calculations happen. The estimated number is that the Bitcoin network uses more than 69 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity per year. That is more than 20% of the electricity consumption in Colombia, a country with a population of 400 atomic units larger.

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, but there are a lot of other coins out there and this talk isn’t about them all.

At the moment, China leads Bitcoin mining. However, coal is still the main source of energy in China. It is an environmentally unfriendly way to produce electricity from this form of fuel, which also adds to pollution and carbon emissions in the long term.

Even if we would use clean energy for Bitcoin mining, it would have a detrimental effect on other sectors of the economy. The substitution doesn’t create any additional opportunities for ecological fight, but constitutes an opportunity cost.

There are risks associate with changing the model of currency and using new innovations. While people may benefit from these developments, they might also result in further complications that could compromise the environment as a whole.

With the recent rise of cryptocurrency, more and more people have been investing in it. However, there are a few major problems that investors should be aware of before they invest in these digital assets.

6.The volatility of the cryptocurrency market

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A cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency that uses cryptography for security and peer-to-peer networking. It is not issue by any government or central bank, and its value is determine by how many people are willing to accept it. Cryptocurrency can be exchange between peers without the need for a bank, making it a popular way to purchase goods online. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in use today

7.The risks involved with investing in cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a new and emerging trend in the investment world. While cryptocurrencies are compatible with their decentralized nature, there are specific
risks involved with investing in them. The risks range from hackers stealing your funds to the volatility of the currency.

8.Lack of regulation for cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are currently unregulated and there is no centralized agency to keep them in check. As a result, people are taking a huge risk. With no oversight,
cryptocurrency investors are at the whim of exchanges and hackers who might steal or manipulate their funds.

9.Lack of trust between investors and cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and Ethereum, are becoming increasingly popular with investors. However, some investors have been left out in the cold after they lost
their money due to cryptocurrency exchanges’ inability to cover losses. The lack of trust between exchanges and investors is leading to a decline in new investments in

10.Lack of understanding about cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are a completely new form of currency that has taken the financial world by storm. They are digital, decentralized and they offer a unique set of benefits
to their users.

All In All โ€“ Problems Of Investing In Cryptocurrency

I think cryptocurrencies are a different way to transact due to their blockchain technology, which professionals can expect to be integrated into the world of finance in one
way or another. Companies like Amazon already allow Bitcoin payments. I’m looking forward to times when they will also accept that new form of payment too.

Cryptocurrency golden bitcoin image for crypto currency

Cryptocurrencies seem to be a risky investment because they are not defined by financial assets and have no real intrinsic value. They are unregulated and so you have no way
of knowing how much profit the company is making or when exactly earnings will become available.

Cryptocurrencies are very high risk because they are unregulated and there is no identity require to trade in them. Furthermore, the transactions are anonymous. This can
lead to a huge number of risks for both parties associated with fraud and crime.

How To Buy, Sell and Trade Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Nodes

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The increase in mining activity is leading to increased energy consumption, which isn’t sustainable. Unlike transaction fees, the environmental effects of cryptocurrencies
are a major concern.

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