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7 Best Ways to Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrency

If you’re looking for ways to distribute cryptocurrencies, you could invest your time in Bitcoin mining or sell services around cryptocurrency exchanges. Either way, both have shown to be great potential income streams and ways to increase your passive income.

Want to know how you can increase your cryptocurrency earnings with minimal effort?

It takes a fair bit of knowledge and practice to invest in cryptocurrency. There is no guarantee you will make a profit and it’s likely that you will lose money no matter how hard you try. Trading and investing are two separate activities that depend on entirely different principles.Cryptocurrency trading can take up a lot of time, but you may not get any return on your investment. There is no guarantee that the more hours you spend trying to keep up with the demand will be rewarded in terms of making a profit.

There are opportunities for passive income with cryptocurrency becoming more mainstream.

By leveraging your assets and investing them in high-returning cryptocurrencies, you will make passive income 24/7 from your own assets. Cryptocurrency is still new, so not everyone is aware of the various ways to make money with them.You can now spend your coins on services related to cryptocurrency, gain trust in the market, and have your money work for you.

Time to slice into the meat and potatoes of this blog post, 5 ways to generate passive income from your crypto holdings. Spend some time to set them up. Once they’re in place, they will continue to generate on-going incomes for you without a lot of work.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can make automated, passive income through cryptocurrency.

There are many ways to earn Bitcoin, and these 10+ legit ways will cover them.

The most effective method to procure easy revenue with digital money

1.Lending: Earn Interest with Crypto Saving Accounts

Make some money with Midas Investments savings account. It’s a great place to store your money and start earning interest. If you already own some popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can lend them out for more cash.

Without extra effort or risk, you can lend out your cryptocurrency to generate passive monthly income. This potential is available for long-term cryptocurrency investors who are committed to remaining invested in their cryptocurrency.

There are many crypto lending platforms that allow you to deposit your crypto funds into their interest-bearing accounts. Profit from the market volatility while keeping your coins safe!

Midas Investments is one of the best crypto investment platforms you might want to look into. With just $100, you can test out their platform and see if it’s worth your time. You can expect an up to 23% return on investment on cryptos.

Here’s how it works:

  • You make a free Midas Investments Account (No KYC).
  • Store your crypto into your Midas wallet.
  • Get compensated every week in cryptographic money

However, you should make sure to remember that when you invest your money to earn interest, they’re holding onto your crypto coins. This means you need to trust them and be able to accept the fact that these coins may be at risk of being lost in the end.

Wondering if it’s worth lending your crypto for interest? Read my Full Midas Investments Review and Walkthrough Guide to see what you can expect from this investment. 

Some other Bitcoin lending sites to earn interest are:

  • Midas Investments
  • BlockFi
  • YouHodler
  • Binance Saving

2.Marking: HODL in a web-based wallet to Earn Rewards

Staking is another way to earn rewards. The steps to be involved in it are quite simple and straight forward – simply hold the cryptocurrency in your wallet and your wallet will automatically stake for you.If you’re not familiar with staking, then the next time you’ll hear about a blockchain project that may need funding, this is actually what can help them enough to move forward.

Staking networks use Proof of Stake as their consensus algorithm and in return, you’ll receive rewards for holding your crypto.

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On the other hand, Bitcoin uses Proof of Work. In order to secure the blockchain, miners use high-end equipment and a lot of electricity. They are able to generate new bitcoins as they gain more computing power and less people are using their machines.

Generally, here’s how staking works:

  • Figure out which cryptographic money you need to stake.
  • Set up a marking wallet with admission to the Internet in an every-minute-of-every-day mode to hold your coins
  • Acquire prizes in the wake of marking for a particular measure of time.

You’ll need to make sure your wallet is connected to the internet most of the time in order to earn staking rewards from any given project. The rewards you can earn vary depending on the number of coins you’re currently staking and how long you’ve been staking.

Cryptocurrencies offer different staking rewards. For example, you can earn up to 6% with Komodo staking, while EOS stakes provide a 1-3% annual yield.

Whether you’re just starting on staking or have already set up an existing wallet, it’s worth checking out the Binance exchange. It tracks your balance and provides a seamless interface to quickly access your earnings.

All you need to do is create an account on Binance and deposit your coins. Then start staking them to make more money. With digital assets growing in popularity, earning through staking is a good way to take advantage of the increasing demand for more coins.

Some of the widely-traded and popular staking coins are:

  • Dash
  • Komodo
  • EOS
  • NEO
  • VeChain

Before you stake, make sure to check what tokens will be rewarded after staking. The value of both the staking token and crypto can change quite rapidly.

3.Running Masternode: Host a Dedicated Server to Earn Rewards

Cryptocurrency mining is a very profitable and expected trajectory in the crypto market. There are many different cryptocurrencies available and they offer a number of benefits including: traceability, anti-double spending, and decentralization. If you’re not using cryptographic forms of money for your business or don’t believe in decentralization, then you might be interested in becoming a masternode holder.

The capability to keep your wallet up and running every minute in the network will paid off with crypto rewards such as masternode. Running a masternode can be a worthwhile endeavor, and you can hope to earn up to 10% if everything goes well.

It will be harder for you to get everything running than marking. It requires a significant for-word venture and a specialized capacity and information to set it up accurately.

Even though more people in the crypto world have to have larger crypto holdings just to run masternodes on the network, you’ll be able to get it done at an affordable cost.
For instance, Dash masternodes can be set up for a $1,000 USD.


Unlike mining, you don’t have to have any digital investments to acquire Bitcoin. Proof-of-work is used primarily in digital currencies that use it. It’s simple!

As a mining professional, you put forth an exceptional amount of time and effort due to the energy required in mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, you also reap great benefits with the cryptocurrency that you can get as an incentive for verifying exchanges on the blockchain.

Bitcoin mining these days expect you to buy a lot of hardware, but ASIC diggers are expensive.

Mining bitcoin has some significant challenges, and it often can’t generate regular revenue without significant effort. But consider the benefits and fee structure yourself as this might be a viable source of income for you

passive income

More people are turning to cloud mining, which lets them reap the rewards of bitcoins without having to spend a lot of time or effort setting up their own mining rigs at home. The results pay off in bitcoin and give people the opportunity to reinvest their earnings back into mining.

Despite their presence, there are still many companies in this space that are providing false promises. It’s never too late to learn more about the investment opportunity before making any commitment.

5.Affiliate Programs: Get Paid to Refer a Friend

There are many affiliate programs that pay you to refer new users onto their platform.

Affiliate programs are free to join.

When someone signs up for an account on your website, you receive a commission. You can share the link on social media or other platforms to let other people know about it and teach them how it works.

AI is quick to start and is a great way to earn money. It can provide steady revenue for days, weeks, and months after you’ve invested lots of effort into learning how to write.

If you have a blog, website, or social media accounts, affiliate programs could be exactly what you’re looking for. Your online following means they can help promote your content and generate extra income in the process.

Remember not to go overboard with affiliate links, ads, or discount banners. Promote high-quality products only as an affiliate for a product you genuinely like and can recommend to another.

6.Airdrops and Forks: Free Crypto

Airdrops are free cryptocoins or new coins that you deposit into your wallet based on your current holdings. Just hold coins at the time planned airdrop is due and they’ll show up in your wallet.

But why crypto projects giveaway free tokens?

  • To disseminate tokens to more clients and wallets.
  • To further develop their tokens spread and reception.

However, most airdropped crypto can only be exchang for something worth nothing, while some valuable coins may generate thousands of dollars each year.

NEO holders were airdropped with Ontology (ONT) tokens in February. These tokens are available to trade on various exchanges and include their own free 50 ONT wallet. It’s

an addition to your existing NEO holdings with little risk and no purchase cost. When you already hold the old digital coins, you’re getting 100% free new cryptocurrency.

passive income

Republic coins were creat for those who had Bitcoin before the hard fork. Everyone who held these types of Bitcoin when the hard fork happened will automatically receive a new coin for each one they keep their wallets open to.

In some cases, exchanges may not return airdropped coins to their users, so it is best to have your private key with you while claiming an airdrop or getting new coins. You can also store them in Trezor or Ledger Nano S.

I recommend that people store their cryptocurrencies in their own hardware wallets like the Trezor or Ledger Nano. This way they can ensure they have full access to their crypto funds, and conversely, free currencies.

Always keep your private keys safe and secret. Don’t let anyone know they’re your private keys or where they are store.


Blogging is the most low-risk and cost-effective way to make a passive income stream that could potentially allow online bloggers to quit their 9-5 jobs. It’s very effective at building trust in a form of currency that’s not use by just anyone.

Blogging and writing articles related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is not an immediately profitable endeavor. It takes time and effort to build a following and get enough traffic, but the payoff is well worth it.

Blogging is becoming easier and easier because there are many different avenues for you to publish your valuable content that engages potential customers. Most blogging platforms don’t require payment, which means you can start with free content. The hard part of course is creating quality content that will keep people engaged and coming back for more.

Winson’s blog was launched before there was a recognized cryptocurrency industry. There were no mainstream outlets for information about cryptocurrency, let alone Bitcoin. He has been able to share his thoughts on the topic and engage with a larger audience without having to worry about “copyright infringement.”

Blogging is one of the best ways to build a passive income or to generate long-term business. Advertising, affiliate programs, sponsorships are just a few ways to earn money from your blog. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require much effort or is less involved than other types of business ventures, blogging may be right for you!

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There are a lot of different ways to make money blogging. The most popular ones are guest posts, selling products and services, advertisements, etc. You’ll just have to try different ideas out to see what works best for you. Some will pay off more than others, but in the long run, if you take care of your blog, this will help you make more money.


There you’ve it. 7 methods for procuring easy revenue in the crypto space.

Maximizing your crypto holdings can be challenging, but automated crypto trading solutions and smart tokens can help you earn more from your cryptocurrencies. You can also use these tools to track the price of crypto to see when they’re at their highest.

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There are many ways to make passive Bitcoin income and cryptocurrency. I’ll share the best ones on my next post! But if you have any more questions or want more information, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.