How To Mine Dogecoin: Dogecoin Mining Hardware & Software (Part- 2) Done

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2013 as a lighthearted alternative to Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, Dogecoin can be mined using specialized hardware and software. Here’s a quick guide on how to mine Dogecoin.


Top Dogecoin ASIC Miner Hardware

1) Bitmain Antminer L7

The GII-400 is a beast and, as such, is the Dogecoin miner you should invest in if you want to land 9,500 MH/s in revenue. Not only does it make 42 DOGE – about $33 each – but it also offers hundreds of coins for a profit of 81.

This miner costs $17,000 and can only be bought from AsicMarketplace, AKMiner, BT-Miners, and Print Crypto vendors. It can also be hooked up to AntPool and LitecoinPool mining pools for crypto mining.


  • If you’re in the market to buy mining contracts and you care about efficiently making profits, then using AI seems like a really good idea. With this method, enthusiasts can potentially put their money to work instead of having to buy an expensive mining hardware.
  • The noise level was reduced by 0.374 j/Mh.
  • The Whattomine website says that the miner Monero can generate up to $146 in daily profit. This means when you mine on their platform, in total it will produce about $97.87 worth of coins over a year.
  • We provide a six-month warranty to our customers because we want them to be safe and know that their purchase is secure.
  • Cryptocurrency mining has been a lucrative investment in recent years. Dogecoin, for example, has been very profitable and many people have taken advantage of it.
  • You should have your shipment by November 2021.

2) Bitmain Antminer L7 9160 Mh

The miner in question from LowPowerSupplies a total of 9.16 Gh/s, and the cost of electricity at that capacity is $0.01 per kilowatt-hour. According to the crystal-clear website WhatToMine, you generate $94.56 daily in profits with just an electricity cost of $0.3225 per kWh.


  • We can mine for different coins like Litecoin, DGB, EMC2, etc.
  • It will be released in November 2021.

3) Scrypt BW L21 Scrypt Miner

The Antminer D3 delivers a hash rate of 550 MH/s and can draw up to 950W of power. It costs around $2,500 and is not limited to mining only Dogecoin. It can mine any Scrypt algorithm coins.

With this ASIC dogecoin miner, you’ll be able to mine Doge daily and earn $5.53 at an efficiency of 1.727j/Mh. It can also connect to Litecoinpool and other pools where you can mine Doge.


  • Litecoin is the best coin to mine with it. You’ll be able to mine Dogecoin, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Emerald-Coin, Florincoin, and Verge as well.
  • Simplicity is great for beginners.
  • Sold by manufacturer and other online stores.
  • One-year warranty covering original buyer.

4) Bitmain Antminer

It was released in 2017, and it delivers 504 MH/s of power, draws a medium amount of power, and can mine over 20 other coins. It is one of the best ASICs for mining Dogecoin at an electricity cost of around $0.1 per kWh.

5) Goldshell Mini Dode DogeCoin LTC Miner Scrypt

The Antminer L7 consumes 233W of power and costs $2,141 per year to run. It generates $255 per month in profit. If you use it in a well-ventilated area, it generates a noise level of up to 35 dB. If you use it in an area with limited access to air conditioners, it generates a noise level.

Top Dogecoin Mining Software

While you can use EasyMiner and others as a newbie for CPU & GPU mining, these are not considered most recommended as they may not be profitable. It is best to go for the below ASIC mining software that allows you to mine on the Crypt algorithm of which D coins were created.


1) MultiMiner

Multiminer configurations:

  • Dogecoin ASIC miners have a lot of options out there, and most users choose to use MultiMiner. It can switch between GPUs, large ASICs, and FPGAs, and it supports mining cryptos like Bitcoin and Litecoin. The software uses the powerful bfgminer engine, which automatically detects your mining devices and presents you with a user interface that allows choosing the coin to mine.
  • In this section, you can create or configure your pool settings. Make sure to enter your correct Dogecoin wallet address, worker name, and password, so the settings are applied to your rig.
  • You can connect to pools.

2) Awesome Miner

ASIC miners let you mine Dogecoin on any pool. You simply need to connect the units to power, choose a pool, find the ASIC’s IP address, log into ASIC’s web interface, and enter information about the mining pool. It’s easy – just test it today!

  • We can use it with up to 200,000 ASIC Miners and 25,000 GPU/CPU miners.
  • It allows for-profit switching when mining multiple coins. Switching to the most profitable pool automatically.
  • You can set up mining pools in just minutes with ClickMining. Within a few minutes, you’re ready to begin mining Doge with profits!
  • A built-in web interface is typically accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can set multiple accounts for different users.
  • Your mining devices are controllable using a mobile app or computer. You can manage them remotely, so it’s important to release the network agent minerS regularly or use the “quit mining” feature at any time.
  • Our free version has most of the functionality.

3) CGMiner

Still, there’s a new release that has lots of improvements in this revision. Some of these include a multi-threaded pool design and the ability to focus on specific coins.

It uses a command-line interface and lets you configure different pools to mine Dogecoin. It also works on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

  • Being a purely command-line tool, it may be hard to install for starters who would rather go with a graphical interface on MultiMiner or a web interface on Awesome Miner.
  • Sign up in a pool.

Crypto Cash Flow is a term that refers to the amount of money that an individual or organization is able to generate from their cryptocurrency investments or activities.

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  • Download CGMiner, extract, open Notepad, and type in the mining pool, worker name, and password. Save in the .bat extension which allows executing the command in the notepad. Copy the file into the CGminer folder. Double-click on the created .bat file to start mining.

4) CudaMiner

Nvidia GPU mining software is designed to work with Nvidia GPUs. The application allows ASICs to run remotely, manage their performance, and optimize them in a web console.

  • Sign up on the website, download, install, and set up within seconds.
  • Change to the most profitable coins automatically.
  • Select payment coin.
  • Auto trading.
  • To manage a large number of mining farms, using AI could be an effective way to change operations across the board.
  • To mine dogecoin PCs, GPUs, and ASICs

Top Dogecoin Mining Pools

It’s important to consider the benefits and disadvantages of mining pools. Decide which pool will be most reliable, have the lowest costs, provide a regular income, and has high hashing power.

But, the profitability of a mining pool depends on what hash rate you contribute to the pool and how efficient your hardware and software are.


1) Aikapool

This is the top mining pool because it controls 7% of the Dogecoin mining hash rate. It charges 1% fees and uses a proportional reward system. The simplest of all rewards users with an amount proportional to the part they contribute.

How to mine Doge on Aikapool:

  • Create an account on the website to hear what other people think about it.
  • To download this program, you can use either the CGMine from Intel/ATI/AMD or NVIDIA’s Cudaminer. You can also use the free Minerd CPU Miner on Mac, Linux, or Windows
  • Configuring miner files is easy. Just follow the instructions on the site on how to do so and you’ll be ready to start mining!
  • Get started with Dogecoin today.
  • “Start mining, if possible”


With merged mining, you can mine for both Dogecoin and Litecoin.

SONM offers a pay-per-share model for CPU and GPU mining and can cover costs with its servers distributed across 8 different continents. With the pay-per-share model, you get paid as long as your miners are online, even if no blocks are being mined.

Mining Dogecoin with a 0-fee PPS system delivers 290% more coins than mining Litecoin. It also provides stats on who is mining, their total shares, the hash rate contributed, and coin earnings per day.

How to mine Doge on Litecoinpool:

  • Always make sure to check the basic guides on their website before launching your trial with GPU, CPU, or mobile since they are not profitable for mining with the pool.
  • Create an account on the website.
  • Take this opportunity to invest in digital currency mining. The software listed on this page is ASIC-optimized. Which can help you bring up the overall efficiency of your rig. You may also consider using Iberian Miner and then using the dashboard to set up your mining rig.
  • Mining began for Litecoin after setting the correct configuration. After this was done, mining began automatically with Dogecoin as well.
  • With Litecoin, it’s easy to receive coins. Download the client and create an address – then copy the receiving address anywhere you like.

3) Zpool

Pool controls 2% of the global Dogecoin mining share, uses the Prop payment system, and charges 0.5% in fees. You direct your hash power to an algorithm and the pool will choose which coins are most profitable to mine.

You cannot select a charge per kilowatt-hour on Pooler’s website, but you can change some settings about when you do or don’t want to be charged.

The pool gives you a unique opportunity to earn money in an asset you like and might convert over time. Other currencies are also paid daily, with balances of over USD 1.25 potentially earning dividends.

How to mine Doge on Zpool:

  • If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to visit their website and search for Stratum. There is a step-by-step guide that can help you choose the configuration that works best for your situation.
  • After you create the username, password, and also key, and address for your server in Awesome Miner or Minerstat, paste them into the stratum’s generator to get information about your mining pool.
  • Never rely on passwords alone. Keep your coins safe in an airtight wallet and make sure to set up a secure password.

There are many options for mining Dogecoin. You can try mining through Mining Dutch, NLPool, CoinMinerz, Dpool, EMCD, Zolo, Multipool, and 1coinpool. More options include Block Masters Scrypt and Prohashing Scrypt.


In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to mine Dogecoins. There are three methods for doing so: buying a rig & mining solo or connecting to a pool, buying or renting hash rates either on a cloud mining website, or peer-to-peer market and directing.

The easiest way to start mining Dogecoin is by using an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and connecting it to a pool of DOG. This will be profitable when compared to mining with CPUs or graphics cards at first, but eventually, the profit will diminish.

We suggest Dogecoin mining software that is GUI-based and allows you to monitor and adjust your hash rates automatically.