New Way To Profit From crypto Bitcoin Affiliate Programs part-3

Lending & Saving

Peer-to-peer lenders like Lending Club allow people to purchase crypto currency without the downsides that accompany it. They operate in many countries and offer a wide range of payment options. Buying cryptocurrency via these platforms can be expensive, but it can also be much faster.

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The challenge with peer-to-peer services such as these is the risk of fraud. This means that there is a chance that those who use these services could get scammed, regardless of how careful they are. If you decide to take the risk, you may need to set up a way to curtail your losses in case the person behind this scam uses your personal information for.


YouHodler is focused on:

  • Crypto-supported loaning with fiat (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP), crypto (BTC), and stable coin credits (USDT, USDC, TUSD, PAX, PAXG);
  • Crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto changes;
  • High return saving records, up to 12% each year;
  • One of kind Multi HODL item permits our clients to procure on both all over business sectors.

YouHodler is a new blockchain investment platform with support for multiple cryptocurrencies. Not only that, but many investors believe this company is also very trustworthy due to its location in Cyprus and the potential for a Swiss office opening soon.

YouHodler is a member of both the Blockchain Association and the Crypto Valley Association, recognized by HM Treasury and other international organizations as excellent national and foreign AML/KYC compliance entities. Not only does the blockchain infrastructure in place ensure security, but it is also time-consuming and expensive to manage your assets on your own. At YouHodler, you can request a multi-authorization self-customer

All your credit card transactions are safe and secure with the PCI Security Standards, and all crypto-related transactions follow up on the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

There are two commission options, with a cookie length of 90 days

  • The initial one ($100 for Activation) is the place where we pay to associate $100 for each client that effectively enlists on, passes the ID confirmation process (KYC), and takes a Loan or Turbocharge or Multi HODL (any of our 3 fundamental items).
  • The second one (Compound deal) is the place where we pay to associate for each progression of the client’s lifecycle, ID check process (KYC) – $1 to $20, opened Savings account – $20, opened Loan or Turbocharge or Multi HODL – $50. KYC payouts shift contingent upon the client’s country.

Notable aspects of our program.

  • Subsidiaries are paid for each progression of the client’s lifecycle, for instance, the ID confirmation process, dismissing assuming the client began to utilize our items or not
  • Payout edge is just $200
  • Monthly payments with Net5 hold period
  • Each offshoot approaches all information and insights in his/her record on the stage
  • Incorporates all fundamental creatives, pennants, presentation pages, composed content layouts, and other helpful stuff
  • 240+ supported locations
  • 5% referral commission for affiliates
  • Private terms (higher payouts and quicker installments) for the best members.

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are physical devices that allow you to store your private keys for Bitcoins. These can significantly improve security for cryptocurrency users and provide a much better user experience than software wallets. The major advantage of tablet PCs is their offline storage. This means that your personal information cannot be hacked.


KeepKey is a new entry in the hardware wallet field. It can support a variety of different types of cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Namecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin. However, the Chrome interface only works for Bitcoin. You’ll need to use other cryptocurrency options if you want to buy other types of currency or wire money online.

Read more: Cryptocurrency Easy Ways You Can Turn Into Success

The Nano Ledger Blue has most of the standard features that you would expect on other hardware wallets. It also has second-screen protection and various other features to reduce security risks.

The Affiliate Program: The work is easy, basically one sale is all you have to do. There’s also a bonus aspect where you’ll get 5% of earnings if they recruit people as well.

Reviews: The one drawback of KeepKey is the fact that it does not provide an ideal way for customers to contact you. Some people struggle with it initially, but you can use technology to overcome such issues.

I suspect that many people are doing well with the affiliate program, though there are few reviews. They have a good design and it looks like everyone is making revenue as this is not a physical product. This product has been selling well on Amazon and you can market it this way to make extra money.

Personal Thoughts: KeepKey offers an exciting new product that is both visually appealing and beneficial. If you’re looking to enter the cryptocurrency world, this is a great start!

Think Outside The Box

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there that could potentially work in the crypto space. One great example is Nvidia. They have an affiliate program you could join and earn extra income on top of your gaming hardware purchases by promoting the sale. They sell cryptocurrency mining equipment that’s extremely popular. People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their equipment, and as an affiliate, you could earn a percentage of those sales.

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Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the most popular and widely available. Anything on there related to Bitcoin, including t-shirts and other swag, computer equipment, or even hardware wallets are available. Commission rates vary from 3% – to 10% and they’re very easy to get accepted from most countries in the world.

Don’t worry! You can create a website about anything, including mine. I have built my website about life hacks with plenty of Amazon links at the bottom without any trouble.

Plus, you can also earn money by promoting your favorite apps with Apple’s Affiliate Program. The commissions are quite a small upfront, but they tend to add up over time.

You will be able to earn a lot of money by setting up your website and putting ads on it. It’s quite common for web-based businesses to have higher traffic and hence generate more revenue.


People spend their money in many ways and on many different topics. Cryptocurrency is just one of them. The phrase, “You need money to make money” doesn’t apply here.

Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

These 10 programs just scratch the surface of what’s possible. Plus, you can earn commissions for reviews and top 10 lists!

How To Buy, Sell and Trade Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Nodes

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One concern on your mind might be conversions and other next steps. You can address that by having your affiliate links featured at the front or end of your content. Captivating copy has been shown to increase conversions.

Your new business could be an excellent side project, but you must create a sustainable income with it. This is where our affiliate training comes in handy! It will teach you all the basics of product sourcing, tracking payouts, and other techniques that will help your brand grow into something big!