New Way To Profit From crypto Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Let’s look at some affiliate programs related to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. If you want to increase your cryptocurrency stash, buying more or trading are the most common options. However, you can also make money in the world of crypto by monetizing content.

There are many different cryptocurrencies out there, with cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Some pay in USD, some in a local currency, and some, but not all pay in Bitcoin. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency to get paid in, your best bet would be coins that also pay Bitcoin!

In this post, we’ll discuss the characteristics of affiliate programs in this field. I’ve divided it up into general sections so you can find the most relevant one for your niche site.


Cryptocurrency can be a confusing topic to tackle, especially if you’re not familiar with the divide between general and more specific interests. This is why you might want to split your project into specific niches. For example, a Bitcoin-focused website would feature the most popular types of exchanges, including exchanges that don’t list Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin’s rival).

Besides the crypto ecosystem, blockchain technology is growing and can make a potentially great future in Fintech. This could be another way to earn passive income or to launch your own ICO.

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs: A New Way To Profit From Crypto

Let’s take a look at some affiliate programs related to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain! If you want to increase your cryptocurrency stash, becoming an influencer is one of the most common options. However, there are other ways to make money in the world of crypto by creating websites and YouTube videos with crypto-related content.

Cryptocurrencies are super popular right now. They can also help you to quickly grow your business, so I think it’s good to become familiar with as many other types of cryptocurrency affiliate programs as you can.

Affiliate Links Without Traffic Won’t Earn You A Dime.

Come learn how to create your affiliate websites with my recommended affiliate training and start earning a few extra dollars at a time. These sites have an easy layout and great tech support, so you can make the most of your time spent online. Some pay in USD, some in a local currency, and some offer step-by-step lessons for those who need it!

Cryptocurrency Easy Ways You Can Turn Into Success

In this post, we’re summarizing the key characteristics of affiliate programs in this field. I’ve divided the section into general sections so you can find programs most related to your niche site.

Here are some affiliate programs that may be best suited for your website. We hope they’re helpful!

Even with the umbrella of “cryptocurrency,” you can divide interests and specialties into niches. A website targeted towards a specific niche would feature exchanges that best meet the needs of its readers. The website may favor exchanges like these over those that offer BCH, but this is unlikely.

You may not want to talk about crypto trading at all and instead focus on the industry you’re working in. Fintech is a growing industry, so building a website exclusively related to that can be a great way to expand your client base and profitability.

Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs

  • Exchanges
  • Mining
  • Lending & Saving
  • Hardware Wallets
  • Think Outside The Box

Cryptographic money Purchase and Exchange Companies

Crypto exchanges are the most common type of cryptocurrency company. They operate quite differently than other types and allow members to buy or sell crypto. Each company is set up differently. Some require multiple currencies while others only work with a small number.

Many of the early adopters of cryptocurrency experienced a spike in their popularity at the beginning of 2018, which took a toll on service levels. Companies such as these had to cope with increased verification, customer feedback, and support efforts. Recent comments may not be an accurate depiction of the company’s success or reliability, as a result of these ongoing performance reviews.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency-Related Affiliate Programs

247 Exchange is a Bitcoin exchange that allows members to exchange Bitcoins for various physical or digital currencies. Bitcoins can also be purchased similarly. Members can use the site globally and 247 Exchange charges them a fee for online services.

Cryptocurrency Easy Ways You Can Turn Into Success

The affiliate program at 247 Exchange is interesting. You can earn 30% from people you bring in through the program. It’s not clear if that rate applies to people brought in by other affiliates, though, so be sure to check their policies for more information about this. People can spend amazing amounts through channels like 247 Exchange. If you’re thinking about how to sort out your passive income, this is the place to start. Fees are based on transaction size, not the percent of total sales.

How They Pay: In USD, although this can be converted to Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

The Company: 247Exchange has been around for a while and has a lot of potentials. They maintain an active presence on many forums, replying to customer questions and concerns to help their users out. Business reviews suggest that the company has been working hard to respond to customer reviews and improve the level of service. It’s good to know that they’ve refined their services over the years as this is a sign of a growing business.

Affiliate Programs

Reviews: Most will agree that the service is well worth it for what it offers! The interface is easy to navigate, and the verification process may be a little slower than some, but this is just part of the normal UX when utilizing a service like this one.

Are People Making Money? 247 Exchange is a popular discussion topic, but most of the discussion around the company revolves around the services it provides as an affiliate marketing company.

Personal Thoughts: 247 Exchange is a brand-new exchange platform, but it has proven to be reliable so far. The fee for its conversion service, however, can sometimes be a little high. It’s not the lowest price around, by any means.


What it Does: In today’s fast-paced world, people are looking for ways to make investing in cryptocurrency as easy and convenient as possible. SimpleFX is an app that allows you to trade various currencies like Bitcoin, which is one of the most popular digital currencies. You can easily trade with an Android or iOS device, or if you’re on a PC, SimpleFX.

Cryptocurrency golden bitcoin image for crypto currency

The Affiliate Program: SimpleFX’s unique tiered payment schema allows you to influence the performance of your referrals who get paid according to the spread. So, it’s a win-win for everyone!

SimpleFX offers different commission rates based on your account level. Basic makes 5% per trade, VIP gets 15%, and Elite 25%. You need a leverage value of 200 for the highest-level commission. There’s a $20,000 lifetime or time-specific requirement for someone that you recruit. When their trading hits your account, you earn money as long as they stay with SimpleFX

How To Buy, Sell and Trade Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Nodes

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The tiers also impact the people you recruit. For example, if someone you recruited was earning at the 5% level, you’re just getting 5% of that total. On the plus side, you don’t need to be trading yourself to be in the program, nor do you need to verify your identity.