What is SafeMoon? How does it work? Is it safe?


Safemoon crypto

SafeMoon was one of the newer cryptocurrencies to hit the market in 2021. It uses a community-driven approach to provide decentralized financial solutions. There are 2.9 million holders of the currency and CoinMarketCap reports 585.536 trillion coins in circulation. The initial launch took place in the first quarter of 2021. The founders wanted a coin that would protect them from the ups and downs of the crypto market. They didn’t want to be caught deep in a massive crypto bubble.

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It’s a decentralized marketplace for the exchange of goods and services. It’s an online marketplace where users can buy and sell goods and services in a safe, secure, and transparent environment. The SafeMoon ecosystem will be powered by the Moon Coin Token (MOON). 

Decentralized peer-to-peer network that provides a safe, private and secure environment for people to buy, sell and rent goods. SafeMoon is the first blockchain-based marketplace for renting and selling goods and services with cryptocurrency. It is designed to be an open-source, peer-to-peer network that provides a safe, private and secure environment for people to buy, sell and rent goods.

History Of Safemoon Platform and How Does it Work

SafeMoon is a blockchain-bas cryptocurrency that is design to be use as a haven for both
crypto and fiat currencies.
The SafeMoon Project was establish in 2016 and It is base on the Ethereum blockchain and
its proprietary crypto-token, the SafeMoon Coin (SMC).

SafeMoon can be use as an investment, as it is back by safe assets like gold and silver.
It can also use to store your crypto assets securely. The cryptocurrency also offers rewards
for its users in the form of SafeMoon coins which they can use to purchase goods and services or
trade on exchanges.

It will also serve as an investment vehicle for investors who want to make a profit by investing in
SafeMoon Coin (SMC) tokens and it has since been working to develop the SafeMoon platform.

The platform will be a decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace where people can buy and sell goods, services, and cryptocurrency. The SafeMoon token will use as the currency of the market. SafeMoon aims to the first global cryptocurrency that will used for transactions and payments.

The SafeMoon team made up of professionals from various backgrounds who have experience in blockchain development and finance. They are all dedicated to making this project a success so that users can enjoy financial freedom.

Safemoon crypto

SafeMoon cryptocurrency mission

SafeMoon cryptocurrency has a mission to the first fully decentralized, autonomous, and transparent
crypto. Their goal is to create a new generation of coins that are not only fast and secure but also have
a low cost per transaction.

SafeMoon is the first coin with built-in cold storage, which means that all of the coins stored
offline on paper wallets and hardware wallets. This way if someone tries to hack these wallets they will
not be able to steal any coins because there are no coins there for them to steal. SafeMoon is a
cryptocurrency with a mission to make the world a more safe place.

The SafeMoon Crypto project will a global cryptocurrency that is back by the value of precious
metals. This means that it will be less volatile than other cryptocurrencies, and it will have a stable
price. The currency will back by gold, silver, and platinum, and it will be use as an alternative
to fiat currency.

SAFEMOON is a blockchain-based platform that offers users the chance to buy and sell shares in solar
power plants, which are then used to generate and distribute electricity. SAFEMOON is not just an investment opportunity; it also provides green energy for members of the

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investment opportunity

It is a good investment opportunity because it has multiple revenue streams, it can traded on an
open market, and SAFEMOON has a team that is experts in this field. The safe moon is a blockchain-based ecosystem for people who want to share their experience and knowledge with others. The platform has an inbuilt rating system that enables users to rate the quality of content they read.

The Safemoon platform is a decentralized ecosystem for the travel and tourism industry.
It aims to provide a safer and cheaper travel experience for the end-user by using blockchain technology.

The Safemoon platformed-ushered by safe coins, the Safemoon cryptocurrency.
These coins use to make transactions on the platform, to pay commissions and rewards,
and to buy products from other members of the ecosystem.

SafeMoon worth

As SafeMoon is so new, there isn’t much data to work with. The current price stands at $0.000001701. After it launched on April 20th, the price jumped up to $0.00001399 – that’s over 1560% higher than it was before! The price started to drop in late May 2019 and has continued to do so over the next year. It has spiked a few times and leveled off, but is overall trending downwards.

SafeMoon is currently value at around $1 billion, ranking 214th in terms of dominance. All in all, for a cryptocurrency with such a small market, it does not have a high rank among others. Though that does not mean the coin is bad.

Safemoon crypto
Worldwide virtual internet cryptocurrency and digital payment system


SAFEMOON tokens have a finite supply of one quintillion. At the SAFEMOON genesis event, 223 trillion of these burn by the developers. The remaining 777 trillion were use to launch SAFEMOOON on DxSale in a fair manner. As of May 27, 2021, there are 583 trillion tokens in circulation.

SafeMoon is different from other cryptos because 10% of every sale transaction goes towards the growth of SafeMoon.
This fee is distribute to:

5% fee split 50/50, with half of it pair automatically with BNB and add as a liquidity pair. The other half sold by the contract into BNB.

The crypto community is calling this project out as a Ponzi scheme because it pays early adopters and will eventually require more money coming in to keep rewarding latecomers.

Token History

As you can see, SAFEMOON has had a volatile history with fluctuations in both time and price. It reached a low point of less than $0.00000001 in March before shooting up to an all-time high of $0.00001339 on April 20th, 2021 before rapidly falling back to the original point.

The last few weeks of trading have seen bitcoin trade in a range of $0.0000075-$0.00001. It bounced and then dropped back near the $0.000003767 level, before bouncing again and returning to the upper end of this range close to $0.0000075, only to recede again. Currently, it is at its lowest value.

What Problem does SafeMoon Address?

After the growth of decentralized finance, it is no surprise that the problem of impermanent loss has arisen. For those who do not understand what creates impermanent loss, there is a high chance they get Trappe into schemes with a high APY interest rate.

Seeing an APY of 100% or greater often brings out greed in people. What invariably happens is that greed gets push out by early investors who make their profits, creating a bursting of a valuation bubble.

And SafeMoon uses three simple functions in each trade to combat the effects of impermanent loss and build a better protocol. These are Static Rewards (Reflection), Manual Token Burns, and Automatic Liquidity Pools.

Static Rewards

Safemoon crypto
Golden bitcoins. Cryptocurrency on computer keyboard.

The SafeMoon team feels that using static rewards can solve a lot of the issues around farming for items and keeping people’s hunger for certain content satisfied. One of the benefits is that, because of the conditional reward dependent on trading volumes with a specific token, there is less selling pressure exerted by early adopters trying to cash in on their massive APYs.

One thing to note about holding your tokens, beyond the obvious reasons for doing so, is the fact that it provides an incentive for users to hold their tokens. Holding tokens works like a dividend, which contributes to a potential increase in token holders’ holdings.

Manual Burns

Burns are sometimes use in various protocols and can make a difference, but not always. Continuous automated burns tend to have the most positive impact in the early stages of your project. However, the burn rate slowly decreases and cannot adjust to achieve a better distribution.

In contrast, a controlled burn based on project achievements can help to keep community engagement high – and the token’s impact on the project just as high. For any Crypto community, it is important to have open and transparent burns so that the community can continue to remain engaged and support it.

SafeMoon has provided all of the necessary info for people to make an informed decision about their project. The Burn is a long-term strategy but will be helpful in the end.

Automatic Liquidity Pool
The SafeMoon team points out that Automatic LP has two benefits that make it so attractive. The first is that the smart contract attracts tokens from buyers and sellers, which can combine to provide SAFEMOON token holders with more liquidity.

It also ensures that SAFEMOON is use more as a reward for people who hold it, instead of buying and selling it speculatively.

These two functions were include to alleviate some of the difficulties seen with appending DeFi reflection tokens.

Where To Buy SafeMoon crypto

As of January 14, you can buy SafeMoney in three steps. The first step is to buy Binance’s BNB coins and
then convert them to SafeChain coins. The second step is to open a wallet on SafeMoon and transfer your
SmartChain coins to that wallet; the third step is to buy content on SafeMoon with your SmartChain coins.
You can then swap this for SafeMoon. You can also purchase SafeMoon on a number of different exchange platforms,
including PancakeSwap and BitMart. Here’s a look at both options.

Safemoon crypto


PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange. It trades directly from your crypto wallet,
which means you’re in charge of your assets and the exchange can’t steal them.
Many people are looking for a wallet with more security and fewer theft risks.
This means you won’t get any of the perks that come with a crypto exchange.
However, if you want full control over your finances, it’s still not a bad option.

When you purchase SafeMoons on Pancakeswap, your wallet will need to hold BNB first.
You can then convert any amount of BNB you have (wallet-to-wallet only) into SmartChain and swap it
for SafeMoons.


BitMart is a global cryptocurrency exchange that can accesse by over five million customers in over
180 countries. BitMart aims to provide trustworthy trading platforms and exchange houses offices in New
York, Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo. BitMart offers spot trading, futures, and advanced trading services.
The platform will support the SafeMoon token swap from V1 to the recently announced V2.

Is it a Good Investment?

Other than a spike in October 2021, the price has hovered near its current level throughout most of the year. Nobody knows what will happen. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be extremely risky. Always consult a professional advisor and never trade money you can’t afford to lose.
SafeMoon doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t seem like a good investment unless more people buy it in the future.

Safemoon crypto
Close up of metal shiny bitcoin crypto currency.

Is it a Good Investment?

Other than a spike in October 2021, the price has hovered near its current level throughout most of the year. It could gearing up for a bounce, given the success of its wallet, or the floor could broken and it will descend even further. Nobody knows what will happen. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be extremely risky. Always consult a professional advisor and never trade money you can’t afford to lose.
SafeMoon doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t seem like a good investment unless more people buy it in the future.

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Future Plans

SafeMoon has partnered with Simplex to offer users a range of payment methods at checkout. They also announced that they are developing a Non-Fungible Token Exchange and SafeMoon Exchange. They are exploring other options with exchanges such as Binance.

The team also announced they are looking into running the token on Minecraft. With the CEO and founder of SafeMoon also being the CEO of TANO, this is not surprising.

A new “community test bed” was launched on 9th of May 2021, which Karony called “a fun, inclusive way to incorporate the community with our testing of […] different technologies”.

The team also announced that they made a new server for the testbed that will be part of this experiment. They also stated on Twitter and in the online chat platform Discord that more details would be available soon. The server will used for the testing of new developments, including NFTs

Other developments include Project Phoenix. SafeMoon promotes it by releasing very little information about the project and its timeline on social media.

SafeMoon: Landing Made Safe on the Moon

Invest in our cryptocurrency and reap the benefits of a decentralized currency that is not subject to government pressures, corruption, or other economic uncertainties. SafeMoon has create a currency that cannot manipulated, meaning that you have the freedom to invest without any worry.

SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency that was create a couple of years ago. Similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, SafeMoon provides anonymity and privacy while users are transferring funds. This product said to work on blockchain and offer the best possible security with its DeFi token. It sounds like it’s full of wonder and science, but we don’t quite believe it will work as well as advertised. Furthermore, the latest news states that SafeMoon will develop an NFT exchange and charity project, along with crypto-education apps. Let’s take a look at their price prediction before we get into all of their upcoming plans.

Safemoon crypto
Various cryptocurrencies hanging on rope with clothes pins


There’s no question that SafeMoon has sparked a wave of interest among people and while some have managed to get rich off it, we need to be aware that this is how all Ponzi schemes start.

People are attract to the idea of getting 10x or 100x ROI from their investments and get excited. Eventually, all bubbles burst and people will lose money.

So far SafeMoon only has utility as a means of generating coins. It only has value if the price of the token continues to rise, which is up to you. As long as it’s something you’re ok with, then go ahead and buy some now!

The team has stated, however, that they have plans that would provide some utility to the platform. Linking it with online gaming could certainly bring in tens of millions of new users, but keep in mind that there are already well-establish cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin.

Adding a DEX and an NFT marketplace are no-brainers at this point, and with so many entrants into that space, they’re probably non-starters anyway.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to invest in ETH is its potential as an investment. The valuation of ETH tokens seems to be based almost solely on speculation and when the price drops, it still has much room for growth.

Yes, you can make some money from SafeMoon, but be careful because their rocket might fall to the moon too. Avoid it and search for a reliable service instead.

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